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Establishment of the new federal ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development is creating exciting times for the research and innovation impact agenda in Canada. This action signifies a renewed focus on performance measurement and evidence-informed decision making in Canada. Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) is working with our partners throughout government, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, industry and the health system locally, nationally and internationally to measure and report on impacts created through our collaborative efforts. It is an opportune time for a practical training course on how to assess the impact of health research and innovation, especially one that incorporates both performance measurement and evaluation teachings. AIHS is pleased to announce that it will once again host such a course on June 12 to 15, 2016 in Banff, Alberta. The course is a local affiliate of the International School on Research Impact Assessment (ISRIA) that was co-founded by AIHS and has been designed to focus more exclusively on the development and implementation of research impact assessments.

The course is designed to increase participants’ competitive advantage through:

  • Advancing their knowledge about research impact assessment (RIA) frameworks, tools and approaches in this emerging and specialized discipline
  • “Skilling up” in an area of increasingly high demand
  • Providing access to RIA resources, decision support tools and a course workbook (print and online format) that reflect evidence-based practices and practice-based evidence
  • Establishing collaborations and networks that connect participants to a local and international community of practitioners

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Course Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors for their generous support and helping us make the event possible. Together we are building capacity to respond to the increasing demand for evidence about the benefits of research and its impact.

Gold Sponsor: Merck Inc. 


Silver Sponsor: Micheal Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR)