AIHS Performance Management and Evaluation (PME) staff co-authored a paper with the American Evaluation Association Research, Technology and Development (RTD) Topical Interest Group (TIG).

The purpose of this paper is to engage a broad audience – including managers of RTD programs, RTD program design and evaluation professionals, and government decision and policy makers – in a dialogue about current RTD evaluation practice (including performance measurement) and how it might be further improved. Improvement will come in part from the establishment of a consensus on a common evaluation language and practice that is broadly implemented within and across publicly-funded RTD programs. The larger objective of this paper is to improve RTD evaluation so as to be better able to inform RTD program improvements and, in turn, contribute to improved program outcomes.

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File: Download Evaluating Outcomes of Publicly-Funded Research, Technology and Development Programs: Recommendations for Improving Current Practice (2015)