FRAISE Project setting research priorities for parents and children up to 24 months

May. 31, 2017

Understanding the research priorities of parents of children from conception to 24 months of age and front-line practitioners is the focus of an innovative research project called FRAISE (Family Research Agenda Initiative Setting) Project.

The FRAISE team includes an interdisciplinary group of emerging, new, and established investigators including two community health nurses who are doctoral candidates at the University of Calgary, Meredith Brockway and Elizabeth Keys. Both have found AbSPORU an invaluable resource to their project. “

Meredith Brockway_sm_captionLast year’s AbSPORU Summer Institute inspired us to create partnerships with families and learn about the resources available through AbSPORU,” says Brockway. “We had an idea for this project and reached out to the Patient Engagement Platform who helped us with project methodology and patient-engagement.

We also received consultation on research methodology and how to refine our research questions from the Consultation and Research Services Platform and knowledge translation advice from the Knowledge Translation Platform.”

The project just got underway and the team is looking for steering committee members including parents, front-line health care providers and key stakeholders who will determine research priorities and helping with the co-design of the survey. Research questions could include “what concerns you most about the health of your baby?” or “what unanswered questions do you have about your pregnancy?”

If you’re interested in being a part of the steering committee, you can learn more and apply at the Fraise Project website. An online public survey will be available in early 2018.

Once the survey is completed and the results are analyzed, the top 10 research priorities will be determined. A goal of the project is that these priorities will be acted on by researchers and funders.

Countdown to 2017 AbSPORU Summer Institute: Last Chance to Register

Summer Institute 2017 “Working Together: A Spotlight on Patient-Oriented Research” is less than three weeks away, and the last day to register is June 14.

There are fewer than 30 spots left, so those interested in taking part in this outstanding event should register now to engage with patients, researchers, clinicians, students, policy makers and others who will be sharing insights on patient-oriented research. The event will feature representatives from the Canadian Medical Association Journal and British Medical Journal who will discuss how patient-oriented research is impacting health research publishing.

A highlight of the event will be keynote speaker Simon Denegri of the National Institute for Health Research and INVOVLE who will share insights from the UK experience regarding patient-oriented research.

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