The BedMed Initiative and more

Apr. 3, 2017

BedMed Initiative shows changing role of patient in collaborative research

BedMed Initiative photoA simple question is behind the biggest randomized control trial of its kind in Canada; “what is the optimal time of day to take high blood pressure medication?” Dr. Scott Garrison, the Principal Investigator of the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Collaborative and his team will reach out to over 92,000 Albertans to ask them to participate in the study to answer this question.Approximately 8,700 Albertans will participate in the study which gets underway this month.
The project highlights the changing role of the patient in collaborative research. Rather than being an afterthought, patients are engaged as an active part of the research team providing feedback, helping to design information materials and more. The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement Platform (PE Platform) helped the team form a working group made up of patients with different life and professional experience as well as an experience of hypertension. “The benefit of connecting with AbSPORU has been access to knowledge and another point of view”, says Study Coordinator Nicole Oliver. “The advantage of the interaction with the Patient Working Group is it will create positive impacts for our project down the road.”

The potential outcomes of the project are reduced instances of death, heart failure, stroke and an increase in life expectancy of five years for those with the condition. The BedMed Project will take place over the next two years with the study results expected to be published in 2020. Read more about the BedMed Initiative.

AbSPORU: Connecting with the University Lethbridge

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit recently showcased its services to the University of Lethbridge (UofL) at a presentation during the Community University Research Exchange (CURE) event which connects researchers at the university with community members interested in research endeavors. AbSPORU also hosted a booth where participants could ask questions about AbSPORU services and specific questions of their own research. A number of AbSPORU platforms were present including Consultation and Research Services, Career Development, Knowledge Translation, Methods Support & Development, and Pragmatic Clinical Trials.

Connecting with the University of Lethbridge Dr. Yazid N. Al Hamarneh of the Consultation and Research Services Platform notes “AbSPORU services are available to everyone interested in conducting health research and events like these help us to show the individualized services we offer to researchers.”

If you are interested in a presentation from the AbSPORU Platforms, contact Researchers can also apply for services at

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