Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions names first Translational Health Chair

Jul. 23, 2013


(Edmonton, Alberta) July 23, 2013… For most Albertans, the face of the health care system is their family doctor. Family physicians and the clinics they practice in are often patients’ first point of entry to a large and complex medical system. As the population ages and health needs change, having the support of a primary health care team is more important than ever.

Dr. Lee Green, a leading primary care researcher and family physician recruited to Alberta, understands the challenges of ensuring consistent access to high quality primary care. As the first recipient of the Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) Translational Health Chairs Program, Dr. Green and his team are researching how doctors, health-care teams, and communities can work together to ensure Albertans receive the best possible care.

“The AIHS Translational Health Chairs Program allows us to work with practices all over the province to come up with new ways to deliver better and more efficient care,” Dr. Green says. “At the same time, we can learn how to be more accountable for the constant improvements required to deliver excellent family medicine. We want to raise the bar on the quality of care Albertans receive.”

This targeted research builds the knowledge and capacity required to make system-level improvements while avoiding the duplications of research efforts. AIHS is proud to partner with the University of Alberta for the first AIHS Translational Health Chair, which Dr. Green will hold for seven years. Through this unique partnership, Dr. Green’s research activities will lead to innovations and improvements in the health system.

“Improving primary care is a priority for our government. We have a wealth of top-quality research activity in our province, but the challenge is turning data and findings into real-life solutions that will have a positive impact on the health of Albertans,” says Fred Horne, Minister of Health. “Through this initiative, Dr. Green will look at how improve primary care across the health care system — whether it’s communication between doctors, information technology or practice guidelines – with the ultimate goal to address Albertans’ needs.”

“Dr. Green’s work will be invaluable to the province,” says Dr. Cy Frank, CEO of AIHS. “It will have a direct impact on the health and wellness of Albertans. AIHS is pleased to support Dr. Green’s work which will position Alberta as the front runner of primary care innovation and delivery expertise.”

In addition to his research duties, Dr. Green practices as a family physician at the University of Alberta Hospital Family Medicine Clinic in Edmonton. “For the University, this is a welcome partnership,” says Dr. Lorne Babiuk, Vice-President of Research at the University of Alberta. “Dr. Green’s new home at the Family Medicine Clinic greatly increases the University’s capacity for primary care research.”

The AIHS Translational Health Chairs provide opportunities to attract top researchers to Alberta. Focusing on priority research and innovation areas, these translational health activities transform academic research findings into real-world solutions.


Dr. Green was recruited from the University of Michigan to head the department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. Having trained and practiced in Michigan, he developed a prestigious reputation in the area of patient-centered research and care. His research activities are targeted at improving the quality of primary health care, and include the use of information technology in family-practice settings, the transformation to systems-based primary care, the development and implementation of practice guidelines, issues around conducting research in real-world practice settings (practice-based research networks), and chronic disease management.

Dr. Green’s leadership in translational health research has included roles as Director of a statewide research network called the Great Lakes Research into Practice Network (GRIN) and Associate Chair for Information Management in the University of Michigan’s Department of Family Medicine.

AIHS is the province’s leading health research and innovation agency. We support top-quality, internationally competitive activity across all pillars of health research and innovation. Our investments in research are intended to further understanding of health and disease, and to produce results that will make a difference to the health, health system and wellbeing of Albertans and people around the world.

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