Summer Institute 2017 highlights and more news

Jul. 4, 2017

Summer Institute 2017 Highlights Patient-Oriented Research

Another successful Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Summer Institute has ended providing opportunities for patients, researchers, clinicians and more to connect and share patient-oriented research knowledge.

“The Summer Institute showcased the amazing work of the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit in creating meaningful networks” says Dr. Denise Campbell-Scherer, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. “Their engagement with community members, people with lived experience, researchers, policy makers, funders and clinicians supports the creation of a shared vision of patient-oriented research. I was struck and inspired by the passion that everyone was bringing to the Summer Institute.”

DeronBilous_captionOver 200 people were registered for this year’s conference including representatives from the Northwest Territories, BC and Saskatchewan SPOR SUPPORT Units and CIHR SPOR. The event included greetings from the Premier on behalf of Economic Development & Trade Minister Deron Bilous and a key note address from Simon Denegri of the National Institute for Health Research and INVOLVE (UK). A common theme of “listening” filled the three day event and thoughts were shared on a graffiti board. This year, patients and students took an active role in planning the conference; for example several students not only had posters but also presented their research as a Pecha Kucha talk and patient representative Jean Miller played the role of “Keynote Listener” and wrapped up the conference with Mr. Denegri. Next year’s Summer Institute will take place in Calgary and will continue to be an important part of the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit’s goal of building capacity and sharing patient-oriented knowledge. Learn more about the Summer Institute.Simon and Jean_caption

Project finds Alberta to be a leader in Patient-Oriented Research

Alberta Innovates recently completed an innovative project leading a team of international partners to advance the understanding and practice of patient-oriented research (POR). It found the province is punching above its weight in area of POR. Of the top 23 published health researchers in this field worldwide, 10 are Canadian and eight are from Alberta. As well, patient oriented research publications are increasing faster than other areas of medical science globally and in Canada.

Shannon_captionThe project also involved exploring the development of a classification system for POR, a concept introduced in Canada in 2010, by CIHR as part of the national strategy for health research. A classification system (or taxonomy) is essential to creating a common understanding of a concept and the language (nomenclature) used to describe it. A common language is identified as a key component to address some of the challenges inherent in the assessment of research impact. Through common language, organizations will better be able to identify, assess and communicate patient-oriented research in a consistent way and increase the odds of maximizing the benefits from investments in POR. The preliminary results of the classification project were presented at the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Summer Institute and full results of the classification project and bibliometric analysis will be published in the fall. Learn more about the POR classification and bibliometrics project.

AbSPORU program: developing leaders in pragmatic clinical trials

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit is helping to develop patient-oriented research leaders through its Pragmatic Clinical Trials Certificate Program. The 20-week program wrapped up on June 15, with 20 learners from Edmonton and Calgary participating in this innovative program. The program was developed by the AbSPORU Career Development and Pragmatic Clinical Trials Platforms. “We’re really pleased with the success of this program and in particular thank the Certificate Advisory Committee and the tremendous group of provincial experts that participated as our faculty by providing engaging content and presentations” says Dr. Michael Hill Pragmatic Clinical Trials Platform co-lead. The program is targeted at clinical trials staff and covers such topics as; federal and provincial regulations, good clinical practice, research ethics, and trial management, with specific focus on Alberta-based processes. The next Certificate Program will begin in September 2017. Learn more about the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Certificate Program.

Evaluation toolkit for patient and public engagement released

The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) SUPPORT Council has released a Patient and Public Engagement Toolkit to review existing patient and public engagement evaluation instruments (tools) and assemble them in a usable format to facilitate the assessment of engagement practices. This project was made possible by the financial support of the following regional Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Units within the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and partners: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Maritime, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Learn more about the evaluation toolkit.

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