Our October 25, 2016 e-newsletter is our last publication as Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions. On November 1, we became Alberta Innovates.

The consolidation of Alberta Innovates presents us with an opportunity to be more than the sum of our parts and to catalyze the entrepreneurialism and creativity throughout Alberta. Alberta’s research and innovation system achieves more when we work together. This means post-secondary institutions, industry, entrepreneurs, innovation agencies and government all collaborating to innovate faster and to better position this province for global competitiveness. Alberta Innovates gives us the opportunity to connect the skills and interests of health research and innovation to related expertise in environmental health, clean technology, food safety and other sectors..

We look forward to sharing stories and information about all these activities in the near future.

Stay tuned by visiting the Alberta Innovates website for information on funding opportunities, partnerships, events and news stories.

Our AIHS e-newsletter provided regular updates about funding opportunities, partnerships, events and news stories that demonstrate the impact AIHS and its partners have on the health, health system and well being of Albertans.

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