Apple magazine is produced by Alberta Health Services in partnership with Alberta Innovates.

The following content is a revised version of what appeared in the inaugural issue of this partnership, published in Spring 2014.

Dr. Cy Frank and Dr. Kathryn Todd
The late Dr. Cy Frank, former president and CEO of AIHS and Dr. Kathryn Todd, Vice President of Research Innovation and Analytics for Alberta Health Services.

AIHS (now Alberta Innovates) is the province’s leading funder and supporter of health research. AIHS collaborates with the health system, publicly funded post-secondary institutions, industry, government and other partners to support research and ensure research results will make a difference in the lives of Albertans and people around the world.

For many years, AIHS and AHS have worked closely on health research initiatives and shared a common goal to improve the health, health system and well-being of Albertans.

To mark the new Apple partnership, the first issue focused on celebrating health research.

Future issues will also include stories about advances in health research in Alberta and what they mean for you and your family.

Your family’s health is wrapped in research. It’s woven into your grandmother’s dementia care, the colonoscopy your father had last year and understanding your toddler’s early childhood development. And that low-salt, low-fat dinner you’re planning to eat tonight? It’s also based on health research.

In the inaugural Spring 2014 issue, the story Why We Research noted: Almost every aspect of the health-care system is and needs to be evidence based or informed by good, solid research. Research is the foundation of a high-quality, innovative health-care system.

Alberta has a proud and accomplished history in health research. The discoveries we’ve made in this province have helped to improve the health of Albertans as well as people around the world. The story, Hotbed of Healthcare Innovation, looked at 25 of these discoveries.

The two other feature stories in the inaugural issue looked at new programs aimed at making research easier in our province (see Smoothing the Research Road in Alberta) and how everyday Albertans are supporting the discovery of new knowledge (see Generous Albertans Help Fund Health Research).

A number of the regular columns in APPLE also focus on health research and innovation. We invite you to make your own health research discoveries by reading each issue.

Visit the Apple Magazine website to read the current issue. You’ll also find more information on where to find the magazine, or to have it delivered to your door.

Read more about Dr. Cy Frank, former president and CEO of AIHS.

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