One in ten Canadians suffer from depression in their lifetime. Health research is often done without the input of patients and families who live with depression, people who care for those with depression, and health care professionals/clinicians who treat depression.

The Alberta Depression Research Priority Setting Project is a collaboration between the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement Platform, the Addictions and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network and the Canadian Depression Research Intervention Network.

This multi-stage project includes a survey, literature review to eliminate what has already been studied in depression research, data analysis and priority setting for topics in depression research.

The key outcome of this project is that priorities – identified by persons with lived experience of depression – are implemented and acted upon as research questions by researchers and funders.

The names of the Steering Committee members can be found here.

Stage 1: survey (complete)

The survey asked patients and clinicians for their input on what they think is missing or unknown in depression research. By completing the survey, participants provided valuable information that can influence those who conduct and fund research. The survey was voluntary, anonymous, confidential, and securely housed on the Alberta Innovates server.

Stage 2: Literature review (currently underway)

The literature review involves sorting all the data from the survey and putting it into themes. Topics that have been researched will be removed, and the remaining themes will be used to create questions, and prioritized. The goal is to develop a top ten list of depression research questions.

For more information:

Ping Mason-Lai, BA, MA
Associate Director, Patient Engagement Platform

Lorraine J. Breault, PhD, R. Psych.
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
University of Alberta

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