Platform lead: Dr. Lisa Hartling

We offer consultation, support and training across the knowledge-to-action cycle, including knowledge synthesis, knowledge translation and implementation science. We work with faculty, research assistants, clinicians, graduate students or any other researchers across Alberta who require assistance with their patient-oriented research projects. Our highly experienced team of experts is committed to working closely with you to improve the quality of your research.

Services we offer:

Knowledge synthesis

Knowledge synthesis endeavors to systematically collate all pertinent information on a given topic to address a research question. [1,2] It is useful for identifying, summarizing, and disseminating evidence that might otherwise get lost in the tremendous amount of health sciences literature available.

We provide methodological advice for designing knowledge synthesis projects including:

Systematic reviews

Help with the identification, selection and critical appraisal of relevant research in a systematic way that is free from bias [2].


Help with statistical integration and summary of results from multiple studies as part of a systematic review [2].

Rapid reviews

Help with accelerating a systematic review to provide timely evidence for decision makers.

Scoping reviews

Help with the exploration of available research evidence to identify key concepts, theories and knowledge gaps [3].

– specialized staff support in project coordination, literature searches and data analysis
– advice and/or assistance with knowledge synthesis grant applications

Knowledge translation (KT)

KT is the process of driving knowledge from research into action. It focuses on packaging and delivering knowledge to ensure it is actively disseminated and effectively used in practice [4].

We provide advice at the early scoping and feasibility stage on why, how and when to incorporate KT in research.

– feedback, through a review of your proposal, on the KT components of grant applications
– advice on how to effectively write and structure an end-of-grant KT component or an integrated KT grant
– advice and/or assistance with projects (including grant applications) for research that aims to develop and/or evaluate KT strategies

Implementation science

Researchers who undertake implementation science studies aim to understand how best to integrate research findings into healthcare policy and practice, investigate barriers that impede this integration, and test new approaches to bring evidence to practice.

We provide advice and assistance on:

– where to find appropriate existing implementation strategies (or how to develop new ones)
– why and how to evaluate implementation strategies
– research projects (including grant applications) that aim to develop and/or evaluate implementation strategies

Other services

To improve the quantity and quality of KT in patient-oriented research, we also aim to build capacity through:

– training and professional development activities
– building linkages, partnerships and networks among the Alberta research community through dedicated working groups, online meetings, communities of practice, conferences and workshops
– stakeholder management advice, including strategies for partnership building, and tools for stakeholder messaging and facilitation

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Denise Thomson
Associate Director, KT Platform

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