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Contracted with CBC Radio for 12 weeks

What is the Media Fellowship Program?

Are you a student in health or biomedical sciences? Do you have a knack for writing? Do you find yourself telling strangers in elevators about science? Then you might be an ideal AIHS Media Fellow!

Science is often discussed in today’s popular media through TV, radio or social media, but how often are individuals with science or medical backgrounds directly involved in communicating about this science?

The AIHS Media Fellowship Program offers students with strong biomedical science backgrounds, from a degree granting institution in Alberta, the opportunity to spend 12 weeks during the summer working with CBC Radio. Media Fellows will work as reporters, researchers and productions assistants with CBC Radio in either Edmonton or Calgary.

Through the Media Fellowship Program, students will have an opportunity to impact the discussion of biomedical science in popular media and will be contributing to the translation of knowledge from the scientists to the media and the general public.

The importance of improving knowledge translation and health literacy is clearly identified in Alberta’s Health Research and Innovation Strategy.

What are the objectives of the Media Fellowship Program?

The Media Fellowship Program will:

    • Strengthen the relationship between scientists and the media.
    • Provide young scientists, at a critical stage in their careers, the opportunity to observe and participate in how events and ideas become news.
    • Improve the Fellows’ skills in communicating complex technical subjects to the public.
    • Increase the Fellows’ understanding of editorial decision-making and how news is communicated to the public.
    • Enhance the coverage of science and technology by the media.
    • Improve public understanding and appreciation of science and medical research.

Who is eligible to apply?

An applicant must:

    • Be an undergraduate- or graduate-level university student at a degree granting institution in Alberta with a strong background in biomedical science.
    • Be continuing his/her university studies in the Fall in any discipline.
    • Demonstrate excellent writing skills.
    • Work well independently and as part of a team.

What opportunity does the Media Fellowship Program provide?

The Media Fellowship Program provides a stipend to CBC, who then hires successful applicants as an intern. The stipend amount is based on CBC’s hiring guidelines, and will be for 12 weeks of work. Successful applicants complete the 12 week internship with CBC during an agreed upon set of dates, usually sometime during the months of May through August.

How do I apply?

You may only submit one application per year.

Important: Please ensure you read the Media Fellowship Program Guide and the Media Fellowship Application Instructions when submitting your application package.

What is the review process?

Applications are evaluated by members of the Media Fellowship Program Review Committees. Two separate committees are utilized in this review process: one committee to review applications submitted from the Edmonton region, and one committee for applications submitted from the Calgary region.

Please review the Media Fellowship Program Guide for more information on the review process.

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For more information:
Dwayne Brunner, Manager, Media Relations
1-877-423-5727 ext. 224

Kari Larson, Coordinator, Grants Processing
780-423-5727 ext. 289

View the list and background of our past Media Fellows

“Working in radio introduced me to challenges that will likely help me become a better physician: how to ask the right questions, and how to communicate technical information in a personally engaging way.”

– Piotr Klakowicz,
2006 Media Fellow

Today, Dr. Klakowicz is a Public Health & Preventive Medicine Resident in the School of Population & Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia..

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