Next expected deadline: The October 2017 Postgraduate Fellowship competition has been suspended while we undergo an organization-wide review of our programs and analysis of the Training & Early Career Development portfolio. Any subsequent updates will be posted on our website.

Value & Term

$50,000 per year, and a research and career development allowance of $5,000 per year for up to 3 years

What is a Postgraduate Fellowship?

The Postgraduate Fellowship provides support for individuals to pursue postgraduate health-related research at an Alberta university.

What are the objectives of the Postgraduate Fellowship Opportunity?

The Postgraduate Fellowship Opportunity will:

    • Attract and develop high quality, broadly trained health researchers in Alberta, and
    • Focus on scientific training and professional skill development to enhance the success of postgraduate fellows in advancing their careers across a wide range of academic and non-academic sectors.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must hold a PhD and/or professional health degree (eg., MD, DDS, DVM or DPharm) without clinical accreditation in Canada, and be accepted or currently hold a postgraduate appointment at a university in Alberta.

What opportunity does the Postgraduate Fellowship provide?

The Postgraduate Fellowship will provide up to a maximum of three years of support for postgraduate training. We recognize the institutional limitations on the period of expected postgraduate training and will not provide support beyond 5 years of postgraduate training at the same institution.

How do I apply?

Important: Please review the Postgraduate Fellowship Program Guide before applying.

What is the review process?

All applications undergo a rigorous review process by a committee whose membership is both interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral. Applicants for the Postgraduate Fellowship will be assessed on the following criteria:

    • Relevant work and/or research experience
    • Career development plans
    • Supervisory team, and the research and mentorship environment
    • Research proposal
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For more information:
Kathy Morrison, Senior Coordinator, Grants Processing
(780) 429-7655