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Value & Term

$30,000 stipend and a research and career development allowance of $2,000 per year for up to 4 years (maximum of 2 years support towards a Master's degree)

What is the Graduate Studentship?

The Graduate Studentship provides opportunities for support for individuals undertaking health-related research areas in pursuit of a Master’s or PhD at an Alberta university.

What are the objectives of the Graduate Studentship Opportunity?

The Graduate Studentship Program will:

    • Foster the development of high quality, broadly trained health researchers and enhance the important contribution graduate students make to the research and innovation sector.
    • Provide support for both scientific training and career development and facilitate the acquisition of the professional skills crucial to achieving success in obtaining a graduate degree and in developing a successful career;
    • Provide additional training and career development opportunities for trainees across a wide range of sectors

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at an Alberta university undertaking health-related training leading to a thesis-based graduate degree. Applicants must have completed their first year of graduate training, at the time of award implementation. The Graduate Studentship is tenable only at an Alberta university.

What is the PLUS option?

The Graduate Studentship Program offers an optional component called the PLUS option. The PLUS option provides up to one year of additional support so that trainees can gain valuable experience and additional skills beyond those acquired through their direct graduate research training.

What is the Cy Frank Outstanding Graduate Studentship?

The Cy Frank Outstanding Graduate Studentship is in recognition of Alberta Innovates’ late President and CEO Dr. Cy Frank and celebrates his ability to identify and encourage the potential in graduate trainees and will be awarded to the candidate who receives the highest overall score by the Graduate Studentship review committee. This award is a distinguished honour that will provide additional support to finance complementary meaningful learner interactions aimed to help the awardee reach his or her career goals.

What opportunity does the Graduate Studentship provide?

The Graduate Studentship provides up to a maximum of four years of funding support towards a doctoral degree; and support will not be provided beyond six years of enrollment in graduate school leading to a doctoral degree.

The Graduate Studentship provides up to a maximum of two years of funding support towards a Master’s degree; and support will not be provided beyond three years of enrollment in graduate school leading to a Master’s degree.

How do I apply ?

Important: Please review the Graduate Studentship Program Guide before applying.

What is the review process?

All applications undergo a rigorous review process by a committee whose membership is both interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. Applicants for the Graduate Studentship will be assessed with a focus on the graduate trainee, their career plan and the anticipated benefits they would gain from the opportunities provided by the proposed training environment(s) as measured by the following criteria:

    • Academic track record
    • Relevant work and/or research experience
    • Career development plan
    • Supervisory team, and the research and mentorship environment
    • Research proposal

For the PLUS option, a second phase of review would require Graduate Studentship recipients to provide a proposal for the use of this additional opportunity.

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