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$30,000 stipend for one year, and training opportunities in patient-oriented research.


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has developed provincial partnerships across the country to support Patient-Oriented Research (POR) with expertise, resources, and knowledge. The Alberta SPOR Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Unit is dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of patient-oriented research in Alberta.

The Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship is jointly funded by Alberta Innovates and CIHR.

What is the Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship?

The Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship provides opportunities for individuals enrolled in a thesis-based Master’s or PhD program at an Alberta university to undertake health-related research with a patient-oriented approach.

For the October 2017 competition, applicants are have the opportunity to partner with Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) for their research project.

What are the objectives of the Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship?

The objectives of the Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship include:

  • Supporting and training first year Master’s or PhD graduate students in the principles and practice of POR;
  • Providing POR activities to develop capacity through a multi-disciplinary approach for all stakeholders including applicants, thesis supervisors, patients, and community team members;
  • Creating opportunities for stakeholder groups to work closely together from conceptualization of research question to dissemination and implementation of results at the practice and community levels;
  • Demonstrating the impact of the Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship for the student and the development of their project by providing a Studentship Impact Narrative at the end of the funding year.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must reside in Alberta and be enrolled in, or accepted to, a graduate program at an Alberta university undertaking health-related research training leading to a thesis-based graduate degree. Applicants may be entering their first year of graduate studies in either September of the competition year or January of the award year.

More detailed information on the Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship can be found in the Program Guide.


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