Next expected deadline: This program is now closed to entry.

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AIHS has allocated an envelope towards the support of the 2015 SPOR Networks in Chronic Disease Funding Opportunity


For AIHS to foster and support successful networks with Alberta-based activities funded through CIHR’s SPOR Networks in Chronic Disease 2015 Funding Opportunity.

The primary objective of the CIHR SPOR Networks in Chronic Disease funding opportunity is to translate existing and new knowledge generated by basic biomedical, clinical, and population health research into testing of innovations that can improve clinical science and practice and foster policy changes, leading to transformative and measureable improvements in patient health outcomes, and in efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery within five years. CIHR will provide up to four successful networks with up to $12.45 million each over five years, which must be matched at a minimum of 1:1 with non-federal sources.

How do I apply?

To be eligible for AIHS match funding, networks will need to:

  • Demonstrate an Alberta-based component as part of the network activities;
  • Demonstrate in their budget that AIHS funds, as well as the equivalent matching funds provided by CIHR, will be used in Alberta; and
  • Demonstrate that other sources of matching funds have been requested and/or secured.

Phase 1 – Request for Matching Funds

Networks seeking AIHS matching support should submit their request by September 21, 2015, in order to receive the necessary documentation to include with their full application.

The submission to AIHS should include:

  • A detailed letter of request which includes the name(s) and contact details of the Nominated Principal Applicant(s);
  • A list of Alberta-based team members;
  • A one page research summary with a description of the network that includes its overall goals as well as the contribution, size and scope of the Alberta-based team relative to the rest of the network (this can be taken from your LOI application);
  • A budget that clearly identifies the funds requested from AIHS and demonstrate how these funds, as well as the match received by CIHR, will be used to support AB-based research;
  • A list of funding sought/confirmed to date from other sources (if available at time of request); and,
  • CIHR Partnership Form.

Applications are to be emailed to

Phase 2: – Submission of full application

Networks seeking AIHS matching support should supply the following by October 23, 2015.

  • A copy of the full application submitted to CIHR;
  • The submitted list of network team members in Alberta; and,
  • The submitted budget that clearly identifies how the funds requested from AIHS and the corresponding match received from CIHR will be used to support Alberta-based research.

Submitted applications are to be emailed to

Eligible Expenses

Networks receiving funds will be subject to the Use of Grant Funds section of the Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) Financial Administration Guide. Please refer to the CIHR website for more information on allowable costs. AIHS funds are not eligible for any indirect costs.


Phase I

Deadline for submission of matching fund requests is September 21, 2015.

Requests for AIHS matching funds will be assessed upon receipt of the required information as outlined above. In order to enable networks to negotiate the participation of other funders, AIHS will email eligible applicants with a PDF of an official letter of support and executed CIHR Partnership Details Form between October 1 and October 9, 2015. Originals will follow by mail.

Phase 2

Deadline for submission of a copy of the full application form to AIHS as submitted to CIHR is October 23, 2015.

Upon receipt of the full application and the list of Alberta network team members and their activities, AIHS will review the budget provided to ensure that funds are spent according to eligibility requirements.

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For more information:
Mike Christen, Officer, Grants Processing
(780) 809-2557