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Value & Term

Up to a $25,000 for up to 1 year

What is the Knowledge-to-Action Grant?

The Alberta Innovates – Health Solution Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) Grant opportunity is intended to support the uptake of research evidence into health policy, practice and commercial development of products; and to help build on the growing body of evidence for the most effective ways to approach knowledge translation (KT). The KTA Grant is a competitive, peer-reviewed award.

AIHS defines knowledge translation (KT) as a process connecting contextualized knowledge with its application to improve the health and wellness of Albertans. Through KT, we envision a research and innovation system that effectively produces, manages, and applies contextualized knowledge, resulting in improved health outcomes for all Albertans.

What are the Objectives of the KTA Grant?

    • Facilitate the movement of health research and innovation discoveries toward practical applications;
    • Support the translation of research activities that are aligned with the thematic priority areas defined in Alberta’s Health Research and Innovation Strategy and other priorities identified by AIHS;
    • Catalyze and support collaborative ways of integrating KT throughout the health research and innovation system;
    • Advance the understanding of effective KT, improve the practice of KT, and support innovation and the use of research evidence in decision-making; and
    • Support commercial development of research discoveries.

A critical component of the KTA Grant is the evaluation of results, and demonstrating how these add to the body of knowledge on effective KT. The evaluation could focus on the effectiveness of KT models and mechanisms; generating new KT models; addressing methodological questions in the conduct of KT research; and testing the effectiveness of processes to develop new, more effective KT strategies.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To apply for a KTA Grant the principal applicant must have their primary affiliation with an Alberta-based organization. Grant funds will flow through the organization of the principal applicant.

How do I Apply?

Important: Please review the KTA Grant Program Guide (2014/2015) before applying.

What is the review process?

All applications will be assessed by an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral expert review committee with members who have excellent track records in areas across the Knowledge-to-Action cycle.

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For more information:
Kari Larson, Coordinator, Grants Processing
(780) 429-9334