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Value & Term

Maximum of 5 years. Funding level will vary depending upon research scope and amount applied for (Level 1, 2 or 3):

  • Level 1 (up to $250,000 per year)
  • Level 2 (up to $500,000 per year)
  • Level 3 (up to $1,000,000 per year)

More detailed information on the funding levels can be found in the CPRO Program Guide.

Current research shows that about half of cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices and policies that protect the public¹. Learning more about how we can improve the social and physical environments where we all live, work and play and how to support healthy choices and changes is a first step in cancer prevention. This includes understanding what the links are between cancer and certain health behaviors, and social and environmental factors; assessing what programs, interventions and health promotion approaches are most effective; and evaluating prevention-related care and services to ensure patients have the best outcomes.

The Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (CPRO) is funded through the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) and is part of our Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) funding portfolio. ACPLF aims to transform cancer prevention with Albertans through innovative population-based initiatives, screening, and collaborative, focused research. Alberta Health Services (AHS) and AIHS work together to deliver on ACPLF’s mandate under the strategic guidance of the Government of Alberta in accordance with ACPLF priorities.

Lowering rates of cancer and improving outcomes for cancer patients through prevention strategies and lifestyle change would be a major health, social and economic gain for everyone. To support that that goal, CPRO funds research approaches that create new knowledge in the area of cancer prevention and screening and move that new knowledge and evidence into use in the health system, in communities, in workplaces, and in the daily lives of Albertans.

CPRO Application Timeline

Registration deadline for the Workshop: June 1, 2015

Please note: Attendance at the workshop by at least one Collaborative Lead is a prerequisite in order to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)

Workshop: June 16, 2015 in Edmonton, AB

More details on the LOI and Full Application will be available at the Workshop

LOI Deadline: August 7, 2015

Full Application Deadline: December 7, 2015 (by invitation only)

Who should register for the CPRO workshop?

People working in cancer prevention research are invited to register and attend the workshop as the first step in applying for this research funding opportunity. This includes people working in academic institutions, in the community, in policy, and in primary and acute care settings. The types of skills and experience that will be needed by applicants include:

  • leadership (including administrative) skills from experience in the community, in academia, in healthcare practice, or other settings;
  • an extensive record of success, that shows creativity and originality in previous approaches to research and/or its translation;
  • experience working in teams with people from different fields, sectors and organizations;
  • knowledge translation, mobilization and uptake experience.

The workshop will be facilitated to maximize engagement between registered applicants and ACPLF stakeholders, including members of the AHS Innovation Teams, the Strategic Clinical Networks, and other contributors to Alberta’s cancer prevention strategy.  The workshop is expected to help applicants form collaborations and build a defined research question related to the CPRO objectives so that proposals can be developed for the LOI stage.

NOTE: Attendance at the workshop by at least one Collaborative Lead is a prerequisite in order to submit an LOI.

Limited funds may be provided for reasonable travel costs to attend the workshop for those outside the Edmonton region. Requests for travel funding must be fully justified and pre-approved.

More detailed information about CPRO will be provided at the workshop.

CPRO Priority Areas

Research funded through CPRO must address a well-defined and specific research question under at least one of the following ACPLF priority areas:

  • Prevention in primary health care: research that supports health promotion, prevention, and effective screening within primary care including the integration of prevention and screening into care plans for cancer survivors to prevent  recurrence and secondary cancers;
  • Community mobilization / engagement: community-driven research that builds upon current assets, enables supportive environments, and identifies barriers, cancer prevention interventions, and successful intervention strategies;
  • Health & wellness equity: research that focuses on reducing unjust and avoidable differences in cancer risk including inequities in planning and delivering cancer prevention and screening activities and interventions to reduce disparities and improve overall health equity;
  • Healthy lifestyles / wellness / risk modification: research related to modifying lifestyle choices and modifiable risk factors (eg. diet, obesity, physical activity, alcohol, tobacco, ultraviolet radiation, HPV, and lack of screening) that includes identifying barriers to behavioral change and social determinants of health;
  • Research into integration of care across the cancer prevention continuum at the individual, family, community, and primary and acute health care levels, including gaps in integration, barriers to integration, and solutions to improve integration;
  • Data / Surveillance:  research into innovative, sustainable systems to monitor Alberta cancer risk factor prevalence and screening rates, including collecting modifiable risk factors at local geographic levels or devising methods to support surveillance in populations at higher risk of cancer;
  • Performance Indicators: research into performance indicators that allow evaluation of the impact of cancer prevention and screening initiatives.

CPRO will not support research related to:

  • therapeutic or biomarker discovery/development
  • basic cancer biology and/or disease mechanisms

¹Canadian Cancer Society

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For more information:
Carla Weyland, B.Comm, Lead, Industry & Technology Initiatives

Bindi Ferguson, Manager, Industry & Technology Initiatives

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CPRO Priority Areas

  • Prevention in primary health care
  • Community mobilization / engagement
  • Health & wellness equity
  • Healthy lifestyles / wellness / risk modification
  • Research into integration of care across the cancer prevention continuum
  • Data / Surveillance
  • Performance indicators

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