Jan. 13, 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of the October 2016 Alberta Innovates Training and Early Career Development Programs competition for the Postgraduate Fellowship.

We received a total of 120 submissions in the competition, which resulted in the approval of 21 awards for an overall success rate of 18%. The names of the successful applicants for the Postgraduate Fellowship awards are listed below.

All applications were reviewed by an interdisciplinary expert review committee. For more information please see the Postgraduate Fellowship Program.

On behalf of Dr. Pamela Valentine, CEO (Transition) and the Board of Directors, we thank all applicants for their substantial efforts and congratulate the recipients of these awards. Alberta Innovates also wishes to acknowledge the tremendous assistance provided by its review committee members.

October 2016 Postgraduate Fellowship

Awardee Supervisor
(Department, Institution)
Project Title
Asmussen, MichaelNigg, BennoUniversity of CalgaryAnkle Stability- Uncovering the neural and mechanical mechanisms of its control
Burke, NikitaTrang, TuanComparative Biology and Experimental MedicineUniversity of CalgaryMolecular mechanisms of microglial memory: long-term consequences of neonatal pain
Cavin, Jean-BaptisteSharkey, KeithPhysiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryNeural control of intestinal barrier function in inflammatory bowel diseases
Daviu, NuriaBains, Jaideep S.Physiology and PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryPerception of control: unraveling neural pathways of stress controllability with light
Flannigan, KyleHirota, SimonPhysiology and PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryModulation of Xenobiotic Receptor Signaling and Drug Metabolism by the Microbiota - A Microbial Take on Precision Medicine
Gabel, LeighBoyd, StevenRadiologyUniversity of CalgaryThe effect of space flight on bone quality using three-dimensional high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT)
Jendzjowsky, NicholasWilson, RichardPhysiology and PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryDoes asthma require neurogenic treatment? A novel inflammatory mechanism of carotid body-mediated bronchoconstriction.
Jones, Michael R.Stys, PeterClinical NeurosciencesUniversity of CalgaryComparison between the CNS and lymphoreticular system for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using spectral microscopy
Komeili, AminHerzog, WalterUniversity of CalgaryMacro and micro-scale study of damages in articular cartilage
Matisz, ChelseaGruber, AaronNeuroscienceUniversity of LethbridgeThe effect of a prevalent Albertan parasite on brain health
Mayengbam, ShyamchandReimer, RayleneUniversity of CalgaryPrebiotic fiber supplementation and gut microbiota in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Nesan, DinushanKurrasch, DeborahMedical GeneticsUniversity of CalgaryMechanistic underpinnings of fetal programming: How maternal bisphenol exposure gets translated into changes in the developing brain.
Pilla, KalaMacCallum, JustinChemistryUniversity of CalgaryComputational platform to facilitate accurate structure-guided drug design from limited experiments
Plourde, VickieBrooks , BrianPediatricsUniversity of CalgaryLong-term network dysfunction on MRI and neurological, psychological, and cognitive outcomes after pediatric mild traumatic brain injury
Rohr, ChristianeBray, SigneRadiologyUniversity of CalgaryEmotional lability and ADHD traits in typically developing children and children born very preterm aged 4-7 years: a functional and structural connectivity study
Stretch, CynthiaBathe , OliverOncologyUniversity of CalgaryExploring the relationship between cancer-associated changes in muscle lipid content, clinical outcomes and tumor biology
Tun, Hein MinKozyrskyj, AnitaPediatricsUniversity of AlbertaHow pets make babies healthier: Their influence on gut microbes and gut maturity
Vandal, MileneNguyen, Minh DangClinical NeurosciencesUniversity of CalgaryRoles of the Alzheimer predisposition factor CD2AP in the cerebrovascular and cognitive functions of the elderly.
Yao, JinjingChen, Sui Rong WaynePhysiology and PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryRole of Ryanodine Receptor Type 2 in the Development of Alzheimers Disease
Zeng, ZhutianKubes, PaulPhysiology and PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryExploring the role of natural antibodies in contributing towards the sex-biased difference during bloodstream infections.
Zhekova, HristinaNoskov, Sergei Y.Biological SciencesUniversity of CalgaryOptimization of the NIS Transporter for Early Tumor Detection: A Joint Theoretical and Experimental Study

This list of successful applicants is provided for information only. The formal letters will serve as the official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website. Awards are subject to the agreement of the Award Terms and Conditions.

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For more information:
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