Dec. 21, 2015

We are pleased to announce the results of the October 2015 Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) Training and Early Career Development (TECD) Programs competition for the Postgraduate Fellowship.

Background and Program Objectives

The AIHS TECD Programs focus on the development of the individual trainees and provide them the opportunities to gain broad experience within the health research environment to facilitate success in launching careers in academia, industry, government, or elsewhere.

Expert Review

All applications were reviewed by an interdisciplinary expert review committee as part of a two-stage process. As a result of the review process, applications determined to be of the highest overall quality and merit in the assessment criteria areas were approved to receive AIHS support.

Success Rates

AIHS received a total of 116 submissions in the October 2015 Postgraduate Fellowship competition. The October 2015 competition resulted in the approval of 34 Postgraduate Fellowship awards for an overall success rate of 29%. Formal result letters will be sent to all applicants in January 2016. The names of the successful applicants for the Postgraduate Fellowship awards are listed below. The formal letters will serve as the AIHS official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website.

Our Congratulations

On behalf of Dr. Pamela Valentine, Intermin CEO of AIHS, and the Board of Directors, we thank all applicants for their substantial efforts and congratulate the recipients of these awards. AIHS also wishes to acknowledge the tremendous assistance provided by its review committee members.

October 2015 Postgraduate Fellowship

Awardee Supervisor
(Department, Institution)
Project Title
Anand, UttamWoodside, MichaelPhysicsUniversity of AlbertaSpecies Dependence and Protective Factors in Misfolding of Prion Proteins
Brown, ElliotKiss, Zelma H. T.Clinical NeurosciencesUniversity of CalgaryIntegrating Electrophysiology and Neuroimaging Markers for Treatment Prediction in Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression
Buchy, LisaAddington, Jean M.PsychiatryUniversity of CalgaryBrain Effects of Prospective Memory Training in First-episode Schizophrenia
Burkinshaw, BrianneDong, TaoEcosystem and Public HealthUniversity of CalgaryStructural and Functional Characterization of a Vibrio Cholerae Type VI Secreted Effector Protein in Complex with T6SS Chaperone, Tip and Immunity Protein
Correa Sierra, ConsueloSchang, Luis M.BiochemistryUniversity of AlbertaEpigenetics and Cytomegalovirus Replication Dynamics and their Implications in Congenital Infection
Elliott, Sarah A.Bell, Rhonda C.Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceUniversity of AlbertaMacronutrient Manipulation of Maternal Diet: Influence on Body Composition Change and Weight Retention in the Postpartum Period
Fischer, ConradVederas, John C.ChemistryUniversity of AlbertaDesign, Synthesis and Testing of Metabolically Stable Analogs of Apelin-13 for Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Gandini, Maria A.Zamponi, Gerald W.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryRegulation of Voltage-gated Calcium Channels by Rabconnectin-3B: Insights into 18q-syndrome
Ghanbarian, ElhamMcNaughton, Bruce L.NeuroscienceUniversity of LethbridgeThe Role of the Hippocampus in Cortical Memory Reactivation and Consolidation
Gheiratmand, MinaDursun, Serdar M.PsychiatryUniversity of AlbertaUse of Machine Learning Techniques and Neuroimaging to Guide Diagnosis and Treatment in Schizophrenia
*Harding, JessicaJohnson, Jeffrey A.University of AlbertaDiabetes, Glucose-lowering Therapies and Cancer Risk: Untangling the Methodological Challenges and Advancing our Understanding through Pharmacoepidemiologic Research
Jarman, MeganBell, Rhonda C.Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceUniversity of AlbertaA Mixed Methods Exploration of Dietary Patterns, Delivery Outcomes and Health Service Support of Women with Gestational Diabetes
Kaushik, DeepakYong, Voon WeeClinical NeurosciencesUniversity of CalgaryEMMPRIN and Monocarboxylate Transporters on Astrocytes: Relevance to Multiple Sclerosis
Lagace, Pierre-YvesBoyd, Steven K.RadiologyUniversity of CalgaryMonitoring Early Changes in the Human Knee following ACL Reconstruction
Lau, ArthurMuruve, Daniel A.MedicineUniversity of CalgaryIntravital Multiphoton Microscopy to Characterize Inflammation and Tubular Epithelial Cell Biology in the Pathogenesis of Kidney Disease
Lau, BenjaminBorgland, StephaniePhysiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryCellular Mechanisms Underlying Compulsive Behaviour in the Orbitofrontal Cortex
Lopes, Fernando C.McKay, Derek M.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryMitochondria, Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER Stress) and Autophagy Regulate Gut Permeability
*McNeil, JessicaFriedenreich, Christine M.OncologyUniversity of CalgaryStanding Up to Prevent Breast Cancer: Energy Compensation and a Non-exercise/Light-intensity Physical Activity Intervention to Prevent Breast Cancer
M'Dahoma, SaidZamponi, Gerald W.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryOptogenetic Approaches towards Dissecting Chronic Pain
Michaels-Igbokwe, Christine L.Currie, GillianPediatricsUniversity of CalgaryIncorporating Individual Preferences into Economic Evaluations: An Assessment of the Impact of Preference Heterogeneity on Estimates of Cost Effectiveness
Moo, Eng KuanHerzog, WalterUniversity of CalgaryUnderstanding the Mechanism of Load Bearing in Articular Cartilage on the Molecular Scale
Morena, MariaHill, Matthew N.Cell Biology & AnatomyUniversity of CalgaryExamination of the Role of Endocannabinoids in the Amygdala-prefrontal Cortex Circuit during the Extinction of Aversive Memories: Implications for the Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Murphy-Royal, CiaranBains, Jaideep S.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryStress-induced Functional Plasticity in Neuron-glia Interactions
Nyuyki, KewirPittman, Quentin J.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryDissecting the Role of Neuropeptides in Behavioral Comorbidities Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)
Percival, ChristopherHallgrimsson, BenediktCell Biology & AnatomyUniversity of CalgaryThe Contribution of Angiogenesis Dysregulation to Midfacial Hypoplasia
Premnath, PriyathaKrawetz, Roman J.SurgeryUniversity of CalgaryWill Enhanced Repair Capacity in Subchondral Bone Delay Onset of OA?
Rothwell, CailinLukowiak, Kenneth D.Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryThe Influence of Environmental Stressors on Memory Forming Ability across the Lifespan of Lymnaea
Sahu, GirirajTurner, Raymond W.Cell Biology & AnatomyUniversity of CalgaryMolecular Activation of IsAHP Channel, IKCa, in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons
Sun, HongfuPike, G. BruceRadiologyUniversity of CalgaryAssessment of White Matter Pathology in Multiple Sclerosis using Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Tang, LeDong, TaoEcosystem and Public HealthUniversity of CalgaryCharacterization of Type VI Secretion Systems in the Emerging Human Pathogen Photorhabdus asymbiotica
van Hees, SophiaPexman, Penny M.PsychologyUniversity of CalgaryLearning-related Change in the Neural Dynamics of Language Processing
Wang, BeibeiTieleman, D. PeterBiological SciencesUniversity of CalgaryThe Architecture of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cell Envelope
*Zhang, YifengMartin, Jonathan W.Laboratory Medicine & PathologyUniversity of AlbertaCancer Risk Assessment and Exposure Source of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
Zonoobi, DornooshJaremko, Jacob L.Radiology & Diagnostic ImagingUniversity of AlbertaRisk Stratification in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: A Multicenter Study

This list of successful applications is provided for information purposes only. The formal offer of award letter will serve as AIHS’s official decision should there be any discrepancy with material presented on the website. Awards are subject to the agreement of the Award Terms and Conditions. * Denotes a cancer-related award supported through the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF).

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For more information:
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