Aug. 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of our April 2017 Alberta Innovates Training and Early Career Development (TECD) Programs competitions: Graduate Studentship and Clinician Researcher Training Stream.

The April 2017 competitions resulted in the approval of 17 graduate studentship, two MD-PhD studentship and five clinician fellowship awards.

We received a total of 285 submissions, which included 230 graduate studentship and 55 clinician researcher (eight MD-PhD studentship and 47 clinician fellowship) applications. Please see the list of successful graduate studentship applicants below.

To honor Alberta Innovates’ (formerly Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions) late President and CEO Dr. Cy Frank and his ability to identify and encourage the potential in young scientists, the Cy Frank Outstanding Graduate Studentship is awarded to the highest ranked student in the April 2017 graduate studentship competition. We will announce the award recipient in September 2017.

We thank all applicants for their substantial efforts and congratulate the recipients of these awards. We also would like to acknowledge the tremendous assistance provided by our review committee members.

Link to:

April 2017 Clinician Fellowship Results

April 2017 MD-PhD Studentship Results

April 2017 Graduate Studentship

Awardee Supervisor
Institution Project Title
Adhikari Dahal, KamalaMetcalfe, AmyCommunity Health SciencesUniversity of CalgaryExamining Neighbourhood Socioeconomic Status, Anxiety and Depression during Pregnancy, and Preterm Birth
Besler, BryceBoyd, StevenRadiologyUniversity of CalgaryA Framework for Automatic Opportunistic Screening of Osteoporosis from Routine Clinical Computed Tomography
Burma, NicoleTrang, TuanPhysiology & PharmacologyUniversity of CalgaryElucidating the role of microglial pannexin-1 in the aversive experience of opioid withdrawal
Coatham, MackenziePostovit, Lynne-MarieObstetrics and GynecologyUniversity of AlbertaLinking Inactivating Mutations in Chromatin Remodeling Complex Subunits to Aggressive Dedifferentiated Endometrial Carcinoma
Deighton, StephanieYeates, KeithPsychologyUniversity of CalgaryFunctional outcomes in children following a mild traumatic brain injury
Devoe, DanielAddington, JeanPsychiatryUniversity of CalgaryNegative Symptoms In Youth At Clinical High Risk of Psychosis
Dimond, DennisBray, SigneRadiologyUniversity of CalgaryInvestigating Atypical Development of Attention Neuro-circuitry
Esmail, RosminClement, FionaCommunity Health SciencesUniversity of CalgaryUnderstanding The Relationship Between Health Technology Reassessment (HTR) and Knowledge Translation (KT)
Kang, Dong-WooCourneya, KerryUniversity of AlbertaExercise during Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: The ERASE Trial
McClure, NathanJohnson, JeffreyUniversity of AlbertaGenerating Evidence and Advice for Minimally Important Differences on EQ5D and Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
Mesa Galloso, HaydeeTieleman, PeterBiological SciencesUniversity of CalgaryMolecular mechanism of hERG potassium channels in cardiac cells membranes: biomedical applications to treat heart arrhythmias
Poole, JuliaDobson, KeithPsychologyUniversity of CalgaryAn Innovative Clinical Treatment for Primary Care Patients with Depression
Rios, Jaqueline LourdesHerzog, WalterUniversity of CalgaryExercise and dietary intervention in a model of metabolic knee osteoarthritis
Schmid, SusanneFrayne, RichardUniversity of CalgaryVisualization of the Small Vessels in the Brain using Magnetic Resonance Techniques
Thapa, BinduUludag, HasanUniversity of AlbertaCombinational Therapy of Breast Cancers Based on TRAIL Expression and siRNA-Mediated Silencing of Anti-Apoptotic Proteins
Thapa, SimrikaSchaetzl, HermannUniversity of CalgaryNovel approaches to fight prion diseases
Weaver, ColinWilliamson, TylerCommunity Health SciencesUniversity of CalgaryUsing primary care electronic medical record data and machine learning to predict acute care use

Please note: we provide the list of successful applicants for information purposes only. The formal letters will serve as the official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website. Awards are subject to the agreement of the Award Terms and Conditions.

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For more information:
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