A pRroject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI) supports practitioners, agencies and organizations to ensure that ethical risks are identified and mitigated in non-research projects.

Acknowledging AIHS support

Check out our handbook, logos and other tips for acknowledging AIHS funding support of your research.

Classroom resources 

Looking for information about a particular science topic to use in your classroom? In these short videos, leading Alberta researchers discuss their work and provide insight into why chose science research as a career.

AIHS 2014 – 2017 Business Plan

Builds on previous plans, but emphasizes our shift from a model of passive investment to that of strategic investor, collaborator and evaluator.

AIHS Annual Reports

Download our Annual Reports from 2010 to present.

Directory of Personal Information Banks

As an agency of the government of Alberta, our corporation complies with the requirements to have PIBs available to the public.


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