Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) trainees, researchers and innovators are all part of one of our province’s most valued resources—highly qualified people.

By consistently acknowledging AIHS support, recipients add to the growing profile of our province as a centre of health research and innovation strength, made possible by the funding partnership between AIHS and our vital research community. It also helps ensure public awareness, engagement and support, so health research and innovation in our province continues to thrive.

We have created an Acknowledgement document for all our funding recipients to use as a resource when talking about the impact of their research and the support of AIHS.

Download our AIHS logo                                    Download the Acknowledgement document [5.2 MB PDF]

How to refer to AIHS

We encourage all who receive our funding and support and who work with us in collaborations and partnerships to acknowledge AIHS’s support by using our logo on websites; in presentations; on printed material such as posters and annual reports; and by highlighting AIHS verbally at conferences, public events, and with the media.

We can also help all of our funded researchers tell compelling stories about the impact of their research.

How to refer to AIHS 

The following is information in response to common questions received by funding recipients, partner agencies and internally by staff:

  • Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) is always spelled out in full on first mention followed by its abbreviation in parentheses as in this sentence; it can then be referred to as AIHS.
  • Please note that both in full and as an abbreviation, AIHS is always singular. Also note that although the full name is hyphenated, the acronym is not.
  • Please refer to us as Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions, and not as “Alberta Innovates.”
  • When referring to an AIHS award in a publication, please list the specific name of the award, as identified in the offer of award letter. The award name should not be listed by itself without identifying AIHS.
  • For more general audiences (i.e. websites, media), reference to AIHS is sufficient.

Examples of acknowledging an AIHS award:
“The Alberta Provincial Pediatric EnTeric Infection Team is supported by a five-year, $5 million Collaborative Research & Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) Team award from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS).”

“The Alberta Provincial Pediatric EnTeric Infection Team is supported by a Collaborative Research & Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) award from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS).”

“The Alberta Provincial Pediatric EnTeric Infection Team is supported by funding from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS).”

Examples of acknowledging AIHS as a partner:
“Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit is a provincial partnership jointly funded by AIHS and CIHR.”

AIHS logos




AIHS colour JPEG format (JPG version)

AIHS colour EPS format ( EPS logo)





AIHS black and white JPEG format (larger version)


AIHS Greyscale Logo



AIHS greyscale JPEG format (larger version)
Please use the AIHS logo as it appear in the AIHS visual identity guidelines 

Please do not change the colour or crop any part of the logo. If necessary, the logos in GIF, PNG and JPEG format can be reduced in size proportionally, but they cannot be increased in size without loss of quality. The logo in EPS format can be increased or reduced to any size.

Trademark notice

Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions is the registered owner of the Canadian trademarks AIHS™, Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions™, and the AIHS logo. All rights reserved.

We request that organizations wishing to use the AIHS logo obtain permission beforehand.

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For more information:
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1 (877) 423-5727 ext. 224

Scarlet Mack, Administrative Assistant
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